by Sara

…I’m asking you to be a child again. Without expectation, without purpose, totally useless because not everything needs a purpose… or at least not for now, and afterwards you will maybe understand. 

Or we are just killing our time, wasting time together, being bored together…

Is playing with blocks a waste of time? Is playing, creating, exploring, failing a waste of time? 

If yes, why do we let children play with blocks? If no, why is it when we see adults playing with blocks?

Is it a waste of time being a child?

We cannot refuse to grow old, but we could refuse to grow up. Be mature enough to be childish. Is there any fault to be a beginner forever? 

Being led by curiosity, seeing things every time like we see them for the first time. Doing things in an unusual way. Trying everything because we don’t know how it should be done. So, nothing can be wrong because we don’t know what is right. Without fear of failure because the process is the most important part and not the goal. Where the fear of failure vanishes because the expectations have been lifted. 

Trying not to control things but to let them happen…letting the unexpected play its role. 

This thin line between living for failing and failing for living. 

And it is more fun than what it looks like!

Imagine… you are building a construction so unbalanced that you already know it is going to fall apart, but actually it says in balance. 

Forget about gravity, physics, philosophy. Forget about what you know, rules, statements. Anything can happen. You create your own world. You are your only rule. You may discover something that would change the world. And if you would not even try it would never happen. And we would never know… The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. 

Challenge the challenging. Doubt about everything. Surprise yourself. Be as incompetent as possible. Look forward for disappointment. Get ready to get inspired.  If it ain’t broke, break it. Be positive about the negative. Seeing your plans being destroyed is not a failure, but a new creation because things will go in ways you were not expecting, and this can be a new beginning. Even if for now it doesn’t have any sense and you just see failure, it may be the best thing that could happen in your life. Just you do not know it yet, and you will realize it later. 

Also, what we may have thought in the past as a negative thing now as adults looking at the past, we can reevaluate that thing as positive and actually we wish we can have it back right now to live it with all its entire value.

So. Just do it. Don’t let the pressure of others tell you what to do even if it is meaningless for the majority. The last thing with a meaning worth more than the greatest one without it. 

Now, you are the generator of the world. Also, because are we not just playing?

And blocks, what is it really a block? Can everything be a block? And can a block be everything?

Therefore, do we not give blocks to children to learn about life? Why do we give children blocks to play with? 

Is it not a beginner’s study about life? Is it not a beginner’s study about how to plan things and realizing that things don’t go as we always plan? And is it the end of the world? NO.

Just start again with a new prospective.

To observe, to plan, to build, to fail, to destroy, to analyze, to adjust, to create.  It is all about creation and destruction. All this world is about creation and destruction. 

We learn how to build things and when life destroys them, it teaches us how to create them again. More and more we learn, we realize the only way to survive, to evolve and to innovate is to deconstruct: to build in a different way. For the future. For the present.

Because everything is about this moment. Now, this moment will never come back. 

Each time you build or destroy something, that’s new. One time only. How you build. How you destroy. How things change, what you thought. Every time it is different, and you can get inspired building your experience from there. Layer on layer. 

If you want the same thing to happen again you have to think how you got there. I love to name it as beginners’ luck: when even if it is the first time you are trying something, the result is perfect. For the next time you will look for the same experience. Unfortunately, it is impossible, but not necessarily a bad thing. This will motivate you to try again and again, to fail again and again but also to improve more than what you could imagine. 

Or you can try something completely different. Many years ago I stopped doing the same thing people taught me: it is good to have a base of knowledge, but if we will follow forever the old path, we will not get any further from what we already know. Our action is going to become a repetitive ritual or action and knowledge. Whatever I know how to do, I’ve already done. Therefore, I do what I don’t know how to do, or I do what I always do but in a completely different way. Just trying to find every day different ways to do the daily actions. 

In other words, our present and future is based on the past. And why if a child can get it, as adults we cannot? Why if children see their blocks tower fall apart, they don’t cry but they just build another one, and as adults if our life plan doesn’t work out so well, we fall inside anxiety and sadness? Who is the more childish now? 

Why can children stay positive when facing a failure and as adults, we just fall into negativity? Why can’t we learn? Why cannot we make a creation, have doubts about it, let unexpected happens, deconstruct and let a new reality open our mind? And if all of this is just bullshit, why did adults not find a better way to use blocks? Adults we always brag about knowledge, numbers, criteria, medium, find a business and utility of everything around us, why are blocks considered just a children’s game? Instead, can they not be a metaphor of life? The earliest lesson regarding how life goes and about equality in the divergent? The seed of acceptance among diversity because all the blocks must be different among them and all are needed to build the great creation of the…world?  

Oh, no… it is just a game, and everyone is blocks in this game learning how to create, to destroy, to recreate, to improve, to fail…to learn. And this could be endless. But this is our end. 

For now. 



Sara Pizzi

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