‘Poetry to a young woman’

by Sara


“Poetry to a young woman” is a dance piece created by Sara Pizzi S|R|P|Z for “BAS A$$ WOMEN” dance compilation launched by the organization “BAAD! The Bronx” located in The Bronx, NYC, to honor the “International Women Day” on March 13th, 2021. 

The organization contacted me to present a dance piece celebrating all the women identify, most of all the one part of groups of minorities, like immigrants and  LGBTQA+ community. 

I created this piece for all the women identify, to myself and to my mum, as a message of equality, peace and resilience. 

Recognizing the essence of “being a woman” as a journey, with a message of hope and becoming, I wanted to offer a large perspective to this piece. Storytelling the journey of all of us, starting from my personal experience, amplifying this piece to everyone in the hope all the women listening to me can identify with my message. 


I’ve got deeply inspired from the workshop promoted by VALLETO COMPANY (company which I’m a member) named ‘Transform – Heal Workshop”, which happened from February 22nd to March 5th 2021. Most of all from the section “Inner Child” led by Keren Tayar. 

In her section, we dug into the meeting of our inner child and how she/he is still living inside us guiding us into our future. My past determined my future and my personal choices even now and I’ve always been located in my childhood in the past, trying to repress all the emotions and bad memories. After this healing process, I understood the key of this piece and of my present life would be found on this new discovery, writing on paper a letter to my past self and present self and inspiration for my future self. Without fear, judge, but actually loving myself and how my past shapes my present, giving hope for the future. 


I structure the choreography as a poem-letter to myself, words that I embrace dancing. Starting with me writing, dancing and ending the poetry. 

The first section is dedicated to the emotions of my childhood, what I wish I could realize before giving value to all of my insecurities felt like wokeness, while they were just a message of becoming. 

The second part, I wrote a daily reminder for myself considering the past experiences as a lesson of life and the future as a goal to follow to determine who I am and what I’m doing right now.

The last section is a dedication for my mother: my biggest supporter and inspiration. 

This is a message of becoming, love and hope. To all the women who are living in this society every single day, valuable, strong and beautiful. 


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