director statement

by Sara

Leadership for me is being able to create a safe, productive, positive and inclusive environment that allows the achievement of an intent.

This includes communication skills, cognitive flexibility, being diligent and passionate about work, organizational and administrational skills, creativity skills, teamwork, problem solving and open innovation- all qualities people attributed to me in the past works.

I trust in my ability as an observer and being able to see the complete view of projects. Being able to propose my idea, listen other’s opinions and choose the best option to achieve the goal- even if it could mean to abandon my idea. And, on the other hand, being able to lead in a constructive way the brainstorming of ideas in an organized and respectful environment.  

Accommodate each ability and talent, to give each one space of creation and work-giving the right amount of pushing the boundaries and give responsibility to each one. 

Don’t be afraid to explore unknown paths and to fail. 

There is more room to play, more elements to consider, but also more possibilities to create a work that really reflect your vision. 

It is all about balance, respect and passion.