bio + resume

by Sara


Sara Pizzi was born and raised in Italy. She began her dance studies with Ballet and Modern, but she soon discovered the world of Hip Hop and Commercial/Urban Dances, where she focused her training throughout her teen years. In Italy, she has performed in concerts, music videos, and has appeared in national TV shows as a dancer. When she was 18 years old, Sara came to New York with a scholarship from the Academy of Steps on Broadway. After one year of study, Sara joined the Certificate Program at Peridance Center in New York where she graduated in the summer of 2020. In those three years she discovered her new voice as a contemporary dancer and choreographer. She has had the opportunity to work with International choreographers including Nicholas Palmquist, Julie Magneville, Elisabetta Minutoli, Max Stone, Julia Ehrstrand, and G^2. Now, Sara is leading dancer for “The Next Stage Project” directed by Marijke Elisaberg and Jana Hicks; “VALLETO” from Valeria Y. Gonzales; “Dance Entropy” from Valerie Green; “Open Dance Ensemble” by Philip Foster; “Lightpaint New York” by Chanette Manso & “sarAika movement collective” by Aika Takeshima.

Credits photos :Top Photo by SDF MEDIA,  Bottom Photo by Dez Santana