artistic statement

by Sara

 I do have a strong vision because I feel that dance is my voice and my vehicle to spread my mission.

I believe as each individual in this world that has been chosen as a career, I choose to express my opinion through art, and I’ll use it to contribute to this world to make a better place for everyone.

This is why my mission is “to normalize art and to empower minorities”.

“To normalize art” because I feel that between the “ordinary people” and artists there is a wall.  Artists are no- necessary not well-paid workers and every time I share, I’m an artist people ask me the typical job “what is your real job?” and unfortunately it is true that being an artist most of the time does not pay your rent.
But the thing that bothers me the most is that people think I’m not doing anything everyday living in my own clouds.
Also, on the other hand, artists create this wall: thinking about ballerinas creates this iconic ideal of perfection that most of the time scare people letting them feel inferior, or contemporary pieces that are way too abstract without description without helping the audience to understand the message behind.

I want to make art for people, I want to be a bridge to welcome people to the art world without feeling judged or overwhelmed.

I want to make art that speaks about people, giving my point of view to understand the world and to let people think about it.

This is the reason behind my goal to introduce art into “non-artistic” environments, to let art be our daily routine letting it be understandable and normalized.

Another reason why I create S|R|P|Z to collaborate with artists whose mission is the same in the hope to build a solid place to welcome a community of artists in need to explore and share their voices – something that I miss out on in my education and I feel that it is missing right now in this world.

This is why, also, my priority is to help the category of minorities. As a spokeswoman of minorities (immigrant, lgbtqa+, dancer) I want to give voice to social issues that people tend to forget.

Part of my passion for this is because before moving to NYC I worked in a mental health care center and it was heartbreaking to see how people were judged or forgotten from society, and they are just people with dreams and passion.

I want to use art as a non-activist documentary of this world to explain what it should be changed, to give some possibilities of change and create space of reflection.