‘when we could touch’ – kent miller

by Sara


“When we could touch” is a short movie metaphor of how we can really appreciate the value of our life if we share it with someone. Story of two people who don’t know each other but their destiny is connected. Story of a girl with a dream: the dream of the moon, to touch it, to pack and go to live there, the wish to hold it in her hands. Another girl, with the gift to own the moon but that doesn’t know it’s value; keep playing with it but never being happy about it. The story of a meeting, a discovery, that those two girls are meant to be together, to live on the moon and share it together. A story of the girl who wants to live on the moon who realizes her dream and the girl with the moon that discovers the value of life.

Videographer: Kent Miller

Concept: collaboration Sara Pizzi, Aika Takeshima, Kent Miller

Dancers: Aika Takeshima, Sara Pizzi

Director: Sara Pizzi

Editor: Anirban


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