‘Why can we do it here, but not there?’ – Twisty bonbon & Aika Takeshima

by Sara


“Why can’t you do it here with me, even though you’re doing it with others somewhere?”

Have you ever felt something like this, or made someone feel like this?

Based on this concept, born from this question, Aika Takeshima, Sara Pizzi and Twisty Bonbon, will present an improv-interactive performance for “Honey’s Tuesday, Volume 50” at Honey’s on October 12th. 

We will improvise and keep doing our best to make each other shine. We will explore ways to empower each other’s thoughts and words. The audience will join us sharing their stories, voices or sounds based on the concept “why can we do it here, but not there?” making the performance together.

Trying to find a way that both you and others can shine, instead of pushing down each other. Each voice is valuable and important. This performance is made for and with you! 

This is going to be our first session together. And, if we can make a good performance, can there be any hints that we can use in other everyday scenes? Or is it something that only we, as artists & art lovers, can do only in this space?

What is your “What you can do in one place but not in another?”

“What can you do tonight at Honey’s that you cannot do anywhere else?”


Performance History

Honey’s Tuesday

10/12/2021 (Tue)
21:00  at Honey’s  93 Scott Ave, Brooklyn